Photo Essay: 3 Kotze a Home for the Homeless

3 Kotze Homeless Shelter is a home for many people in Johannesburg who come from different backgrounds

The 3 Kotze Homeless Shelter is part of a programme ran by the City of Johannesburg to remove homeless people from the streets. They are allowed to stay there for three to six months until they get on their feet.

Residents pay only have to produce a South African I.D and R8 to stay the night at the shelter. R8 affords the a warm bed with a blanket as well as a plate of food during the week.

Residents checkout at 7am and can start checking in from 5pm during weekdays. On weekends and public holidays they have to be out by 10am.


DISPLACED: Many of the people staying at 3 Kotze are people from other provinces who came to Joburg to find work.

There are about 100 residents on average that stay at the shelter on a day to day basis. The shelter usually has more male residents than women. These men and women sleep on separate floors and don’t share bathrooms.

Families are not allowed to sleep at the shelter in order to avoid a situation where they get comfortable and the place starts feeling like home.

The R8 per day that the residents pay also affords them a plate of food during the week. On weekends the kitchen is closed and people eat their own food.


Lunga Dlamini (26) came to Johannesburg in April to look for work. He has a diploma in Internal Auditing and he still has not found work.

He says his true passion is in music. “It’s a calling in the spirit of God, although I have a diploma in Internal Auditing I don’t think I am going to end up there”

Lunga Dlamini

Nhlanhla Zondo (24) has been at the shelter for four months. Last year he was an Education student at the University of Pretoria. He is planning on applying for a medicine degree at Wits next year.


Siyabulela Ntshabane (36) comes from Eastern Cape. He also came to Johannesburg looking for work. He currently works as a cook at Kota Republic.

“I have lost a lot of things here. People I used to stay with stole from me”.



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